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What the press have had to say about me and of course I am only showing you the good ones, I'm not an idiot!

"Always fizzling with indignation and throwing out a hugely enjoyable mix of brutal putdowns and richly funny stories, Lyons has what it takes to delight any crowd."
The Guardian

"Achingly funny...a cracking show"
Melbourne Age

"Her routine was a fireproof parade of quick fire observational gags delivered with utter conviction and unfailing professionalism. The audience didn't really have a chance."

"Lyons has personality and real skill"
Brian Logan 4 star Guardian review

"I have renewed faith in stand-up comedy after seeing Zoe Lyons"
Australian Stage

"In the African jungle the lion is king, in the Fringe comedy jungle Zoe Lyons is definitely a Queen, she'll pounce on you with her witty repartee and have you rolling about the floor in fits of hysterics."

"Lyons lit up the stage for an hour with her genuine, bitchy sarcastic humour that left everyone in stitches. I don't think I have laughed so hard at a stand-up show in my life."

"Probably the most impressive British female comic on the circuit."
The Skinny, Edinburgh

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